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We want to thank everyone for there preorders, Your machines are on there way to you all! We are super excited and really want them in your hands so we can hear all about your thoughts on this version. Please note i assmeble everyone of these by hand. We are just completing the last of the preorders and are trying to get ahead of the orders. If you purchase one please be patient and should expect atleast a two week wait if your over seas. Thank you everyone again for your support and we hope you enjoy your new Centri!

Color? RED & GREEN sold out

What's NEW?

Our patience has finally rewarded us over the last year of design of engineering. This Centri version is what i saw in my head 2 years ago and I’m very excited to finally see it come to life. We added a retractable LED light that is very easily detachable if you so choose to. We also added the 90 degree free pivoting RCA jack. These Centri's are hard wired now with a slack ring design which eliminated all power fluctuations. This version is 15% smaller then the last version. We designed a new tension "push and pull" rubber band system for easy setup and clean up. We believe any and all objects that come in contact with the needle should be disposable if you are wondering why we engineered a new band system. New on the fly stroke adjustment even while the Centri is running, and as requested a guillotine tube vise! This by far is the most advanced tattoo machine on the market today.


Drive System: Centrifugal
Frame: 6061-T6 aluminum
Weight: 5.2 ounces
Motor: Faulhaber 12v
Power: RCA ONLY - Pivots 90 degrees
Give: 100%
Adjustability: 100%
Colors: Black Silver Red Green Blue
LED: Soft White - Retractable - Detachable
Tube Vise: Guillotine
Tension: 12mm diameter rubber band
Requirements: Digital Power supply - RCA cord

Model 4

The Centri battles it out on CMT's "TATTOO TITANS"

November 16th on the Country Music Television cable channel "CMT" The first season for TATTOO TITANS begins. Watch me "Mike Snijders" take my Centri's into battle for $10,000.00 on Episode 1 November 16th, 10PM PST, Please check your local listings for times in your area.

Model 5

Micromo publishes a exclusive article detailing the Centri!

Would you like to learn everything there is to know about the Centri and its journey? This is a article published by Micromo explaining pretty much everything there is to know about the Centri. CLICK HERE

Model 6

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